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Weather predictions

  • Site-specific weather forecasts
  • Any location in the world, up to 14-day horizon
  • Hour-by-hour breakdown
  • Many variables available: wind direction & speed at specific heights, temperature, precipitation & accumulation by type, solar flux, etc.
  • Based on Environment Canada's top quality numerical weather prediction models

Forecasts available through our web interface and daily emails for only 2$ / day / location

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Power production forecasts

  • Wind & solar energy generation modeling and predictions
  • Charts and graphs with probabilistic information
  • Calibration service: based on observational data, if available
  • Integration with French grid operator RTE
    • Automated file uploads for day-ahead power production forecast
    • Compatible with RTE's web platform E-PAT

Our products help you find the best windows of opportunity for your maintenance operations


For all Canadian airports

  • Highly accurate short-term 12 hour forecast
  • Renewed every hour to help you make up-to-date decisions
  • Specialized summary of all of Environment Canada's data sources
    • Regional and global numerical weather predictions
    • Radar data
    • On-site surface measurements, etc.
  • Only available in Canada for airport locations

Nowcasts available through our web interface for 24$ / day / airport

Thanks to your forecasts, we were prepared

We use multiple meteorological sources, but you are the most accurate

WPlanif: Planning with the weather in mind

A calendar app shared by all your teams

  • Task calendars overlayed with a weather predictions feed
  • A data model custom-made for the wind energy maintenance industry
  • Helps you optimize your work team assignments relative to the available energy resources
  • Centralizes your maintenance and commissioning schedule for better communication

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