Canada's Forecast of Wind Energy Production

On this page, you will find the map of all Canadian wind parks having a rated capacity higher than 5MW, a forecast of their cumulative production for the next three days, as well as the equivalent in terms of the Nanticoke coal-fired power plant (one of the worst polluting power plants in Canada), the economy in CO2 tons, and the number of Canadian households that wind energy will power tomorrow. From coast to coast, there will always be wind, and wind energy!

3-day horizon power prediction of Canadian wind energy

Next day forecast
of wind energy production
46248 MWh

Equivalent Nanticoke coal-fuelled power plant
0.7 days at full capacity

Equivalent CO2 emissions from coal-fuelled power plants
13874 tons of CO2

Equivalent average daily Canadian household consumption (electricity heated)
564100 households

Last update: 2 hours ago